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So what have we learned so far? Has it been worth it? Here are some of the points that we have touched on up till now:

• All heaven is involved in the communication process.
• The connection between God and His people is very close.
• Revelation is largely given in symbolic/code format.
• There is a “great controversy” going on for our loyalty.
• We have freedom to choose whom we will serve in this contest.
• The battle is real, but it is primarily a spiritual one.
• We serve one or the other of only two masters.
• There are other “alien” life forms.
• This was a visionary experience for John, typical for apocalyptic prophets.
• The long-term prophecies began to be fulfilled in John’s day.
• There is a continual unfolding of those prophecies till the end of time.
• There is a special blessing for those who take the messages to heart.

You can see how much we have gleaned already from just these three beginning verses. It pays sometimes to go slow rather than scurrying over the surface. Now let’s move on to verses 4-6, which can be seen to portray the gospel in a nutshell.

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